Bow Font

More about the font

to understand the Hangul typography

Bow Font

  • Tools
  • Font Lab
  • Illustrator
  • Size
  • print 148 x 210 mm
  • Medium
  • Interface
  • Paper
  • Date
  • 2016

I made my own Korean character font, ‘Bow font’ which is inspired by a bow. Straight lines are rigid and long-shaped parts are designed to resemble bow curves. This font is off-rectangle(usually Korean character, Hangul is in a square form), and combined Hangul(each consonant and vowel can be used separately but if it is combined, it makes its own meaning).

When the font is used in body text font, it has a gentle, and rhythmical attitude. Or when it is used as a title text font, it shows its unique shape. I used Font Lab tool make a font that can be used in devices.

The font design
The font design
The font design
The font design

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