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The Futura

  • Tools
  • InDesign
  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • Size
  • book 148 x 210 mm
  • poster 594 x 841 mm
  • Medium
  • Paper
  • Date
  • Hongik University, 2016

The Futura book1
The Futura book
The Futura book
The Futura book
The Futura book

Desk researched Futura's history, designer, formation and analyzed all the alphabet, number, special characters. This shows how I investigated the font and inspired by it. I made a note of examination at OHP films and scanned them. Also, I took pictures to make a poster.

Futura is based on geometric sans-serif such as a circle, triangle, rectangle which is effected from Bauhaus. This inspired me to make the 2nd poster. This poster used hand-made acryl shape objects.
Red cylinder*1 | Skyblue, Blue triangular prism*1 | Yellow, Purple rectangular prism*1 | Pink quadrangular pyramid*1 | Black stick*2

Futura formed symmetrically. So, I divided it into a different color and printed in tracing paper. Overlayed it and printed it for the 3rd poster. After finishing this, I cut each letter, folded them, and printed them again to show the characteristic of symmetric.

The Futura book
The Futura book
The Futura book
The Futura book

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