The refugee

The relationship between the refugee and the settlement

to understand the similiarity

The refugee

  • Tools
  • Processing
  • Size
  • 1.5 x 1 m
  • Medium
  • Headset
  • Keyboard
  • Laptop
  • Beam projector
  • Exhibition
  • Hongik University, 2017

Starting with the 2015 refugee crisis, interest in refugees has been high for some time. Although interest has declined in recent years, it is still receiving worldwide attention and various activities have been conducted. However, refugees have existed before, and South Korea is no exception. There have been as many refugees as there have been many wars, and we are not separated from the refugee problems we are facing in the world.

This work was made using Processing 3, and various examples have been modified to suit this work through Openprocessing. People can participate in work which is about the unknown cause of the refugee. The reason why the keyboard is used as an input tool is that consonants and vowels exist. There were indirect images of refugees in consonants. And there were indirect images of the causes of the refugees in vowels. As consonants and vowels should be written together to make meaning, images of refugees and causes appear together and creating new meaning.

Through this work, I hope that participants will feel more familiar with something that may be considered strange and that the causes of creating refugees are not just war, but various. And I hope this work will give them a chance to think about the refugees again.
This work was produced using Processing3, and the images inside include drawing by the author.

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